The scrap and splinters littering an earthquake site; the remains of a total shattering.

1. That which can be made only from things broken; from shards.
2. The act of creatively, playfully, soulfully, attentively, reconceiving and rearranging shards, into: pattern, beauty, harmony, coherence, concept, wholeness, belonging, identity, recognizableness: a new life.

Salt and Honey: Shattering and Bliss
Wings: A Story of Shattering and Bliss may offer a glimpse of my creative source, process, purpose.

Salt and Honey is the space in which I begin to gather the fragments of my shattered universe, and the jewels unearthed below.

Gather and arrange… and re-arrange… turning each against each other, so that I may see them in new ways.

So that I might begin, to discern: forms, meanings, messages… coalesce, from serendipitous combinations.

I may hope… to perceive storylines hidden within them, which only become coherent as I intuit the rhythms that their various shapes, colors, and textures seek to form.

Stone Cutters' Tools


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